Reimagine travel for business and pleasure

An increasing number of companies are relying on immersive travel experiences to introduce new products, reward employee, customer, and partner loyalty, and enhance corporate culture and engagement. To accommodate this, we offer a full range of Reward Travel Services to build stronger business and personal relationships and strengthen your brand and reputation.

Relax while we plan your travel and event from start to finish… And reduce your costs by sparing your organization the need to hire a specialised event manager.

Reward Travel Types

Leisure and Entertainment
Leisure and Entertainment
  • Concerts/Festivals
  • Tourist Attractions
  • Special leisure and entertainment events
  • Immersive resort experiences
  • Sports tournaments
  • Special sports events
  • Immersive outdoor sports experiences
PR and Events
  • Plant/Factory visits
  • Product/Project launches
  • Showroom inaugurations
  • Team building outings/Trips
Team Building
  • Planning, coordinating, and implementing team-building activities, outings, and trips
  • Group accommodations
  • Transportation
  • Meet and Assist service
  • Venues

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