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Our success is a culmination of years of hard work by a remarkable and talented team of Customer Experience Agents (CX Agents) who deliver high-quality services within a digital business framework.

Once you partner with FLYT, our team becomes your team; committed to providing an exceptional customer journey, consistent service levels, dedicated problem-solving capabilities, and superior performance.

Over time, we have heavily invested in our teams to create custom-built solutions for business/reward travel requirements, corporate events, and group travel packages, in addition to improving our ability to fulfill our customers' requirements.

Embracing digitalization has not jeopardized the role our CX Agents play in building and sustaining long-lasting partnerships with our clients. In fact, the purpose of our digitized platform is to reduce the time our agents spend on administration work, while investing more efforts in strengthening their bond with customers via phone, e-mail, and in person.

Each CX Agent is assigned a list of corporate customers to whom they offer:

  • One trusted touchpoint for all requests
  • Round-the-clock assistance, 7 days a week
  • Multiple contact channels (mobile, office line, e-mail and WhatsApp)
  • A high level of responsiveness with a maximum reply time of 2 hours
  • Ongoing follow-up and in-depth industry knowledge
  • A flexible approach and innovative service delivery methods
  • Cutting-edge digital tools
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