FLYT, Taking You to New Heights

FLYT is a game-changing digital travel management company specializing in customized corporate travel solutions launched by leading UAE-based IATA certified agency Arabian Nights Travel and Tourism in 2007.

We’re reimagining the world of travel by offering our customers a bespoke travel experience powered by cutting edge technology. As a one-stop travel solution provider, we offer a full complement of travel services encompassing traditional business travel management, reward travel services, client self-booking tools, and a robust consolidation platform for agencies that leverages our in-house technology to ensure optimal levels of efficiency, speed, and quality. Our global network of trusted partners has proven expertise in providing the best travel services in their regions enabling us to offer our customers the most innovative travel solutions and a truly bespoke corporate travel experience.

FLYT’s mission is to simplify travel management tasks. Our advanced tools help to reduce customers’ costs and optimize workflows by catering to all their needs on one user-friendly platform designed to support corporates, groups, and individual travelers based on their unique requirements. Our Connected Travel Solutions system (CTS) enables corporate customers to be in total control of their travel itinerary and was exclusively developed with business travel in mind. These innovations allow us to automate and integrate processes, champion digital trends, and deliver unique and efficient travel services in a dynamic time.

We’re available to support you anywhere in the world 24/7 with just a click or a call.

Mission Statement

"To simplify corporate travel management through a fully digitized end-end travel platform that ensures ease of use, compliance and cost effectiveness."

Brand Vision

"The unique provider of a fully digitized Corporate Travel Management Platform."

Core Values

Through our advanced digital platforms powered by our knowledgeable customer experience agents, we provide you and your travelers with a consistently efficient and seamless travel experience, whenever and wherever. Our work is defined and guided by 3 main business principles which we strive to reflect in everything we do. These are:

Flyt by Arabian Nights Travel and Tourism
Digital, Trustworthy, Transparent

  • We pride ourselves with our advanced digital platforms, human capabilities, and ability to offer you real value.
  • We strive to build strong partnerships, based on mutual respect and full transparency.
  • We work in compliance with governmental and security regulations.
  • We like to keep you connected and value the concept of time.
  • We are also constantly seeking new ways to maximize our

Flyt by Arabian Nights Travel and Tourism
Innovative, Integrated, Automated

  • We rely on cutting-edge digital technologies.
  • We monitor, assess, learn and evolve to continuously bring you innovative travel solutions; that's our main differentiator.
  • We develop progressive digital solutions to make your life easier and are committed to delivering top-of-the-line digital travel solutions.

Flyt by Arabian Nights Travel and Tourism
Enthusiastic, Caring, Cooperative

  • We are customer-centric. Our actions stem from our belief that we should always exceed our customers' expectations.
  • We love what we do and we are keen on sharing our passion with our customers through every means possible.
  • To us, customer satisfaction is not a duty but an integral part of our business ethos.
  • Together, we get things done.

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